Richard Hunt and the Muppets

Funny Boy: “Restless”
The opening paragraphs of Funny Boy: The Richard Hunt Biography.

Funny Boy: “Stranger in Paradise”
A brief excerpt from the book.

Remembering Muppet Performer Richard Hunt
A thumbnail biography, with clips of Hunt’s work.

The Count Writes a Haiku: Jerry Nelson (1932-2013)
A reflective biographical essay on “the man of a thousand voices.”

Bert and Ernie’s Big Love
Why do we speculate on the love lives of puppets? Because it tells us so much about ourselves.

Richard Hunt Interviews Archive

A Chat with Richard Hunt’s Mother
Jane Hunt talks about her son’s life and work with the Muppets.
Tough Pigs, 1/7/10. Full version here.

The Count and Countless Others: An Interview with Jerry Nelson
Muppet master Jerry Nelson talks about working and playing with Richard Hunt on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, and Fraggle Rock, the zen of puppetry, and why a little sadness might be good for you. Part I. Part II.

Judy Freudberg, 1949-2012
Freudberg, a Sesame Street writer for forty years, talks about writing for the show, creating Elmo’s World, and how things have changed on the Street. Cited in the New York Times.

The Swashbuckling Babysitter: An Interview with Ernie Capeci
Hunt’s longtime friend shares stories of their childhood adventures, the origins of Muppet character Janice, Hunt’s experience of the AIDS crisis and his complex path to self-acceptance.

Selected Essays and Articles

The Great Queer Migration
I’m From Driftwood
Looking at a common LGBT narrative from a personal perspective.

‘Affirming the Outsider’s Eye': Adrienne Rich’s Legacy
The Indypendent
On the passing of poet, essayist and activist Adrienne Rich, a reflection on her life and work.

Remember the Triangle Fire
The Bilerico Project
Commemorating the Triangle Fire’s 100th anniversary.

Body Language: An Introduction to the Poetry Issue
Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal
Co-editor of the issue.

Thoughts on the Murder of Sakia Gunn
The Indypendent
Was Gunn targeted by not just her murderer, but the media?
Winner of Independent Press Association Award, Best Editorial.

Just For Fun

Silent Movie
Metropolitan Diary, New York Times, 5/3/10.

A Chicken in Prospect Park
Metropolitan Diary, New York Times, 11/8/09.

Ernie or Bert?
Metropolitan Diary, New York Times, 12/14/08.