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NEW! Funny Boy Excerpt: Audition

Hunt bounded like a big puppy into his June 1970 Muppet audition, a voluble frenzy of restless energy. “Ask any of the originals what Richard was like at 19 or 20,” Hunt recalled laughingly. “Boing-boing-boing-boing. People would just sit there, … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Richard Hunt!

Celebrating Richard Hunt’s birthday, as ever, by working on his biography. Here’s a character who was a stand-in for Hunt himself in the early days of The Muppet Show: Scooter, a young, eager apprentice who quickly made himself an indispensible … Continue reading

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Interview #92: Mark Hamill

I’m so grateful to the nearly 100 of Hunt’s family, friends and colleagues who have shared their stories and helped me understand him and his life. Mark Hamill contributed some especially good stories. Just another reason to look forward to … Continue reading

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Hunt on the Big Screen: “Trading Places” (Book Excerpt #4)

Hunt loved to tell the story of being recognized on the street for his role in one of 1983’s biggest movies. “You. Trading Places. You’re in that last scene.” Hunt preened, thrilled to be seen not just as a puppeteer but … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Jerry Nelson

Thinking of Jerry Nelson, who would have been 82 years young today. Here’s the biographical essay I wrote about him, “The Count Writes a Haiku”. Grateful for all his work to make “millions of people happy”.

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