New Writing: “Harvey Milk’s Chutzpah”

I’m pleased to share my new review, “Harvey Milk’s Chutzpah”, in the brand-new issue of The Indypendent! The piece is a review of Lillian Faderman’s new biography of gay icon Harvey Milk. Ahh, the sweet satisfaction of seeing your work in print!

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Interview #92: Mark Hamill

I’m so grateful to the nearly 100 of Hunt’s family, friends and colleagues who have shared their stories and helped me understand him and his life. Mark Hamill contributed some especially good stories. Just another reason to look forward to Funny Boy!

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Are Bert and Ernie a gay couple?

The Bert and Ernie debate has resurfaced in light of the recent interview with former Sesame Street writer Mark Saltzman, in which he talks about writing the pair as a gay couple. If you recall, I’ve already written the definitive analysis of this whole “controversy”, which is even more relevant today. Enjoy!

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Happy Birthday, Richard Hunt!

Thinking of Richard Hunt on what would have been his 67th birthday. Celebrating his life by working on his biography. Thank you, sir, for your work.

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Doing Good Work: Visiting the O’Neill Puppetry Conference

A bunch of puppeteers hanging out in the woods: That’s basically all I know about the annual Eugene O’Neill puppetry conference before I visit, but that’s enough for me, especially with Muppet performer Pam Arciero as its Artistic Director. I trust that I’ll find what I think of as a Jim Henson-inspired work environment: playful, respectful, collaborative, creative – and mind-bogglingly productive. And I trust that even the briefest visit will be good for my own work. Continue reading

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