New excerpt coming!

Look for a new excerpt from Hunt’s Sesame Street years to come on his birthday, August 17th! Huge thanks to those of you who leave such kind and encouraging comments (looking at you, “A.J. Sweetums”) — it really inspires me to keep writing!

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Happy Birthday, Jerry Nelson!

Thinking of Jerry Nelson on what would have been his 86th birthday. His early encouragement helped bring to life the biography of his friend and colleague Richard Hunt. He was an irreverent mensch.

Here’s the piece I wrote about him when he died.

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RIP Phyllis George

Phyllis George wasn’t just Miss America and a sportscaster; she was The Muppet Show‘s best guest star! (At least according to them.) Her death reminded me of when the Muppets bestowed that title on her, with this great song from Richard Hunt.

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Let Hunt’s Spirit Cheer You

What would Richard Hunt do during these times? He’d definitely be livestreaming from his living room. I also imagine him driving around to see friends stuck at home, delivering them supplies and singing and dancing on their front lawns. Or maybe he would just be hunkered down on the back porch in Truro, watching the sun set and waiting this thing out. Let’s remember Hunt’s creative, irreverent and resilient spirit as we make the best of these challenging times.

(Pic: Richard Hunt and Jane Henson, mid-1970s.)

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NEW! Funny Boy Excerpt: Audition

Richard Hunt, 1969.
Photo by Stuart Fischer.

Hunt bounded like a big puppy into his June 1970 Muppet audition, a voluble frenzy of restless energy. “Ask any of the originals what Richard was like at 19 or 20,” Hunt recalled laughingly. “Boing-boing-boing-boing. People would just sit there, their mouths open – what is this?” He wore his usual uniform of jeans and a button-down with rolled-up sleeves, his chin-length curls cowlicking out in all directions despite his best intentions. Hunt’s talent and sheer raw energy quickly caught the attention of Jim Henson and Frank Oz. “Richard stood out as an extraordinary uncontrolled spirit,” says Oz. “Jim and I saw that out of all the hundreds of people, he had something there.”

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New Excerpt Ahead!

I’m working on Hunt’s early years at the Muppets… look for a new excerpt to be released in the next few weeks!

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