Another Enthusiastic Review!

Brian Jay Jones, author of Jim Henson: The Biography, loves Funny Boy: The Richard Hunt Biography! Here’s what he has to say:

“At last! It’s the long-awaited story of one of Muppet history’s mostĀ beloved performers! With Funny Boy, Max Stein brings us a nuanced, compassionate, and deeply researched biography of Richard Hunt, exploring his remarkable life as one of Muppetdom’s most enthusiastic and energetic performers, while putting that same life in context with a complicated and often dark time in our cultural history. Tapping into interviews with those who were there, and packed full of stories you’ve neverĀ heard before, Funny Boy is all at once entertaining, interesting, inspiring, wacky, and heartbreaking — just like Richard Hunt himself.” –Brian Jay Jones, author of Jim Henson: The Biography

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