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I frequently get letters from Muppet fans all over the world telling me about how Hunt and his work touches their lives. Here is a recent quintessential email that brought a smile to my face.

Hi Max,

I met Richard briefly when I was 16, on the subway in Stockholm in late May or early June 1988. He was with Ann-Sofie von Otter, the soprano who’s now a big star, and I’d been in the city to pick up a new 12-inch EP by Ed Kuepper (of proto-punk legends The Saints), one of my all-time faves. I was sitting there, poring over the cover, waiting to get home so I could finally listen to it, when somebody across the aisle asked “Is that an American artist?”. I said “No, he’s Australian” and we ended up talking the rest of the journey. He introduced himself; I couldn’t believe I was in the presence of a muppeteer; I grew up on the Muppets, and I loved them. Richard was so nice, I have never forgotten our brief (maybe a half hour) meeting. He gave me his number in NY, “for when you come over and need a guide”, and I was planning to take him up on his offer after graduating high school in 1992. It’s always been one of the big “What ifs?” in my life. Richard struck me as a curious (as in inquisitive and eager to learn) and friendly person, and I would’ve loved to have gotten to know him better. Please let me know when your book is finished.

Best regards,

Per Nyström

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