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Dave Goelz Weighs In on Funny Boy!

So grateful for this dreamy review from Hunt’s longtime colleague Dave Goelz! He LOVED the book! “I worked with Richard Hunt for 18 years, but there was a lot I didn’t know. Jessica Max Stein’s powerful biography of Hunt is … Continue reading

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Great Goelz Shoutout!

Dave Goelz gave a great shoutout to Funny Boy: The Richard Hunt Biography in this recent podcast. “There’s a woman writing a book about him which I’m always after her to get finished, because I want to read it. It … Continue reading

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“The Muppets” (2015) – The Review!

The Muppets passes my most important test – it’s funny as hell. At moments, it’s old-school, Muppet Show funny — and that’s my highest praise. ~ Puppets are a great art form: They don’t die. The most beloved outlive those … Continue reading

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